Lee Bartolomei

Design and consulting for the entertainment industry

Bartolomei Design, LLC provides design and consulting services to the entertainment industry. Our founder, Lee Bartolomei, has over 30 years of engineering and management experience with the leading companies in the field. International design projects range from cable television headends in the Carribean to a film school in the Middle East, and domestic clients include Google, Apple, and the largest film studios in Hollywood. Our clients have been nominated for more than 65 Oscars. They can choose anyone in the world to make their dreams come true, and they choose us time and again. We also provide a variety of consulting and business development services. Projects have included a number of new media projects, in flight entertainment systems, interactive kiosks, and satellite broadcast proposals. Our experience and industry knowledge will help guide your project to a successful conclusion. Although we have completed many large commissions, we are happy to work with you on projects of any size.