Lee Bartolomei

Design and consulting for the entertainment industry


Our company has had many successes with the design and project management of entertainment facilities. The company principal, Lee Bartolomei, provides a unique advantage for our clients. He has held engineering management positions at a variety of film and TV companies, and has overseen the production of hundreds of films thousands of hours of television. Our company has a deep understanding of how everything and everyone in your facility works. We will address the hundreds of small details that will ensure the work flows smoothly, and your clients and staff leave happy.

Half of the top 20 grossing films were made in our rooms, and our client list has been nominated for more than 65 Oscars. Our designs are on the lots of Lucasfilm, Disney, Universal, Fox, and Marvel Studios, among others. Our HD television production studios are at Google and Apple, and the next generation of filmmakers is learning their craft in our RSICA and USC Film Schools. From Star Wars to Lord of The Rings, Fight Club to Swingers, we provide filmmakers with superior tools to do their best work.

A sample of our projects include:

  • Dub Stages
  • ADR Stages
  • Foley Stages
  • Scoring Stages
  • Mocap/previs rooms
  • Online bays
  • Edit bays
  • Recording studios
  • Computer Animation Studios
  • Satellite Earth Stations
  • CATV facilities
  • Television Studios